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About Sunderbani

Sunderbani is a tehsil which comes under Rajouri district of Jammu region. Sunderbani is also known as Sundal Bani. Sunderbani tehsil comprises of 25 Panchayats and 25 Villages.

History of Sunderbani

All the places have its own past stories or narration on which the name of the place or city is derived or the name of great personalities of that time is given to the place or their might be the natural origin of the name. Similarly Sunderbani is a town in Jammu which is named after a spring (Bowli). Bowli or Baan it is the name of a spring with a particular formation known as Dogri.

History of Sunderbani

There was a pious lady who built this Bowli and her name was “Sundran”. She was called as “Mai Sundran”. Initially this Bowli was known as “Mai Sundran ki Baan”. Slowly and gradually it became Sunder Baan and that place of existence became “Sunderbani”. There is no specific record of the construction so even the oldest people of that area are not able to tell this, however there’s no doubt that this is built in ancient times. This place is also known as “Amb Wali Bowli” as we can still find a big mango tree there of those time. This place is located in the town on eastern side. While going to Rajouri from Jammu on National Highway it falls on your right side and opposite side of present Forest Range office. Various travelers or passerby used to stop on their way at this spot to drink water and to rest under the shadow of mango tree. The water has a sweet taste and it is digestive in nature which in digesting the food taken therefore it is also known as Halka Pani or soft water. The water of this spring remains cool in winters and warm in summers.

In fifties a water filling station was installed by MES (Military Engineering Services) at this place with the spring by means of gravity system for supplying water to the military camp. In 1965 they had wire fenced the spring but still water filling points are open for militants as well as for civil water supply vans. Further to keep the spring neat and clean it is covered by constructing roof on it. So today special permission has to be taken from MES to see the spring.  The authorities of MES have also constructed two temples near this one of god Hanuman and other of goddess Durga to keep the sacredness of this place. This spring is available throughout the year never desiccates in any season.

With the period of time this story had faded away in today’s generation but still it is present in the heart of old civilians. This spring still feeding thousands of spirit.

Economy of Sunderbani

Here the major population depends on agriculture and rearing of livestock as their source of income. As there are no industries developed in this tehsil.

Costume of Sunderbani

Here women usually embellish themselves with various types of ornaments like bangles, necklaces, nose rings and earrings and male wear additional comfortable attires such as pajamas, skullcaps and gurabi.

Costume of Sunderbani

Phiran is common attire for both male and female. This is used to add more grace to the costume.

Weather and climate of Sunderbani

The climate is cold here in summers. The highest temperature recorded during day time is 19A degree c to 43A degree c. Average temperature found here is approximately near 20A degree c only in may we find slight high temperature.

Tourism in Sunderbani

Places of tourist attraction in and around Sunderbani are:
  • Pond Chaniprat Lake
  • Durga Mata Mandir Laman
  • Reasi
  • Vaishnodevi
  • Akhnoor Fort
  • Kanah
  • Sehot
  • Brehvi
  • Patrat
  • Bhajwal
  • Thanda-Pani

Festivals in Sunderbani

As the Sunderbani tehsil falls under the district of Rajouri which comes in Jammu region, which is dominated by Sikhs, Hindu and then Muslims, so the main festivals celebrated here are Baisakhi, Lohri, and Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha.


 On every 13th of April this festival is celebrated. This festival is also celebrated in other northern parts of India. You can see fairs here on these occasions, which can be a great place to buy local and traditional items from here. This day is also celebrated as the birthday of Guru Gobind Singh the tenth Sikh Guru.


In other parts of India this festival is famous as Makar Sakranti. On this festival everyone takes bath in holy water bodies. Set the bonfire around which everyone pray. In rural areas it is celebrated with more enthusiasm. Different kinds of fairs are seen these days which mainly consists of traditional jewelry, handicrafts and hand woven carpets.

Festivals in Sunderbani

This festival is celebrated in the mid of January.

Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha

These are the festivals celebrated by Muslims. On these days of festivals they read Namaz 6 times a day instead of 5 times a day. They wear new colorful clothes and attend various grand feasts.

Transport in Sunderbani

There are no railways in Sunderbani. The nearest railway stations are:
  • Jammu Tawi - 64 km
  • Bajalta - 54 km

Fact File of Sunderbani
District Head Quarters: Rajouri
Language: Urdu and Gojri, Dogri
Elevation / Altitude: 336 meters. Above Sea level
Telephone Code / Std Code: 01964
Vehicle Registration Number: JK-11
RTO Office: Rajouri

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